From Mars to Venus (part 2)

Next days mood was pretty hungover. The both of us were in total coma. Rien ne vas plus. Although I still think that I was a little sick that day, too. My skin was super sensitive. Even the cooling breeze didn’t feel good, fever-ish, so I like to think of Wednesday as the day where I managed to not enter the dark side, but resisted and faught whatever wanted to pull me over. We spent almost the whole day hanging around in one or another hammock. Near by the restaurant. There was simply no energy left. Mute mode. The only mission was to survive until dinnertime somehow. We fell into our hammocks very early and slept for plenty of hours. Wednesdays slow motion mood and the good night sleep were a perfect mixture. My state of mind was becoming more and more relaxed. With each day and night passing by. The daily yoga sessions were so very soothing for my body. No sign of tension anymore. Actually I have become more and more very flexible (in comparison to before that is). Also I ate fresh food from the farm every day. Fruits. Vegetables. Salad. Very delicious. And I know some of the lovely people who take care of the garden and collect eatables. Mostly locals and volunteers. Makes the food taste even better. And me eat more consciously. I feel healthy. Very.


Thursday morning Rea was asked to play at the cocktail party at La Brisa in the afternoon. We enjoyed fresh watermelons, bananas and papayas with yogurt and granola for breakfast. And a coffee, of course. Since there were a few hours of time left until 4pm, we decided to take a walk to Balgüe.The closest village. Time seems to be standing still on the island of Ometepe. Or it’s at least moving very slow. Feels like pressing the snooze button. Except you don’t have to get up. It just lasts forever. Comes naturally. There was hardly anyone in the streets. Most of the locals were in their garden hammocks. Smiling at us as we passed by. We had walked for a few minutes and then saw a very entertaining fat pig covered in mud lying by the side of the road. Just a few centimetres away from a holy appearing puddle full of mud. It mirrored the way I felt. “Ein kleine Schweine!” as Rea would say. Except it was huge.


We walked for another few minutes. Passed three churches (!) in a very short amount of time. Very colorful. I just don’t understand why in Germany everything is always grey… Or at least it appears to be. Colors create happiness! And since there is less sunshine, it would simply make sense to use bright and shiny colors for houses and in gardens. I will definetely paint the walls in my apartment when I get back home. There will be a lot of turquoise and purple involved. At some point we heard a heavy bass vibrating on the street. It came from a red pick-up that was parked on the street. Dancehall tunes inna di Nicaragua. But around the next corner all there was only peace and quiet again. We wandered around a little, bought two peperonis and a bottle of water in the shop and then turned around again for El Zopilote. Nuff walking for one day. (The pig hadn’t moved an inch, by the way.)


There was still some time left for a spicy chai tea. I really could go on like this forever. I decided to go to the afternoon yoga class. Although I would miss out on a few hours of ambient chill out music. So, I went. And I didn’t regret it. Of course. Thanks to an amazing yoga teacher. It was one of the best sessions so far. At least for me. And when all of us finished – sweaty, but happy – we went up to the reception of La Brisa. And joined Rea and the others. It turned out to be a perfect chill out. We even had popcorn. Yeah. Also I managed not to drink. I sat by Rea’s side. On the floor. And enjoyed. The moment. The company. And suddenly I was telling the myth of the two volcanos to everyone I hadn’t met so far. It made me remember. I let my eyes rest slowly on each and everyone of this beautiful creatures. And then again especially all those super sweet strong women had my fullest attention. I saw witches. And fairies. Dwarfs that rather be elfs. Then I turned to Rea to tell her how I felt. And before I even had the chance to get started, my eyes rested on her computer for a tiny moment and she was playing a tune called “Shakti sisters”. I had no more to say. There was nothing to add. We looked at each other and laughed from the bottom of our hearts. While the sun slowly set as I could see the golden sunlight glimpse through the dense jungle. And then – once again – energies, frequencies, synchonicites, fate and fortune brought together a small group of people that will remember each other forever. It was meant to be. I am sure.


And when the party at La Brisa was about to be over we decided to continue this festivity at the yoga place. There awaited us a glorious night with Reas global tunes, which took us from eastern to western, southern to northern countries. So basically we travelled all over the world by listening. A few of us ended up floor dancing in our family vibe circle of love. And then there was this wonderful coincidence (haha!): a Bouzouki player from Israel, who happens to be part of a band called Sumsum, joined us. And brought his instrument, of course. Together they instantly created a unique sound: analogue and digital music was melting in a fantastic fusion. The music carried us away. Made us fly. For hours and hours. Peparing our souls for Venusday, which slowly began as we all sat and lay together… And now that I already know what happened the next day, I am sure that this evening and night were the perfect preparation for the even more paradisiac experience we were about to share the next day. Energies were constantly rising. And time was now. Still. And if anyone ever has the chance to listen to the two melting in a sound creation of their very own: Go for it! It has been one of the most intense musical journeys I have ever been invited to… Thank you for sharing. From the bottom of my heart.

With joyful bliss, Nomadjay*